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Nurzhan Subkhanberdin



Nurzhan has decades of experience in the financial services industry dating back to the establishment of JSC Kazkommertsbank, 1991. He graduated from Moscow State University, majoring in Economics with a first-class honors degree in the subject. Nurzhan had realized his remarkable entrepreneurial talent, creating a world-class private financial institution in Kazakhstan, supporting a newly born private business and entrepreneurial spirit in the young sovereign country.  He was convinced of the country’s potential to keep up economically with other nations around the world, as well as with establishing true democracy via implementing political reforms. 

Nurzhan Subkhanberdin launched   Kazkommertsbank  (KKB) in 1991, a financial institution he determined to grow and thrive by bringing the best world-class banking strategies along with the highest business ethical standards, which have been confirmed over the years by collaboration with prominent worldly known financial institutions and KKB’s status of an internationally recognized and well-reputed public company.  

Nurzhan always made sure to keep an open mind about new business opportunities, as the banking industry has changed significantly in the past several decades. He made sure to stay on top of trends with industry technological advancements, new banking products, and best practices for customer service and meeting regulator’s prudential norms.  Nurzhan Subkhanberdin managed to successfully grow KKB to become a USD 24B business. He accomplished this impressive feat through hard work and a persevering attitude and his leadership talent.

His career is also remarkable by the fact of building an independent private business in an oppressive political environment. His independent, liberal, and democratic views on social and political issues in Kazakhstan along with financial success have made him being unfavorable and targeted by the established regime, which always kept an eye on him as a potential undesirable source for political change in the country.

During his time with KKB, Nurzhan was responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the bank, including corporate finance, foreign trade, consulting, advising, and more. He spent his time diligently, always looking for ways to improve and offer the products and services that his community could benefit from the most. This led to growth for the company, ultimately getting Kazkommertsbank to the largest and leading private institution in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and the whole former Soviet Union – CIS region.

During his time with KKB, Nurzhan started an initiative called ‘Kous Zholy’. This was a charitable fund to provide support to different business, healthcare, and cultural initiatives as well for small and medium businesses initiated by people with disabilities. Nurzhan’s massive philanthropy, his democratic aspirations, and independent entrepreneurial spirit in the country – all of these are the highlights of his entire career and reputation within a progressive, independent private business circle in Kazakhstan.

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